MC FÜBB (pronounced “emcee foob”) is a Toronto born hip hop MC. A recent development on this front has been his founding and formation of the Hip Hop Headz (H3) community (borrowing the name from the university organization that he was once a part of and has since been dissolved), whose mandate is to engage in the “manifestation of hip hop in all of its various forms” ( With the aid of H3, MC FÜBB has also recently begun organizing and hosting an event called “The Cypher” in the core of downtown Toronto at which hip hop MCs/rappers from all over the city are invited to come out, pass around a microphone, and showcase their talents and skills ( FÜBB is also a co-founder at Coachtastic, which is a website designed to bridge the gap between people who need help and people who have the expertise to provide it (

We are looking forward to bringing some of The Cypher elements to this years Bday Breast Fest! Check out the latest video featuring MC FÜBB: